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An intellectual challenge; to genuinely change thinking and cultures.

About Me

An intellectual challenge; to genuinely change thinking and cultures.

Rebekka Kill

I specialise in learning, development, and curriculum innovation. 

I also develop partnerships with hospitality, events, property and festival organisations. 

I have 25 years experience in education and ten years experience in senior leadership roles, including two Head of School roles and an Associate Dean role.

I have 10 years of senior leadership experience in higher education. I’ve managed budgets of up to £10million and teams of up to 60 staff. During my 25 years of teaching I’ve written, developed and launched over 20 courses including diverse subjects such as Experience Design, Entertainment Management, Fashion and Creative Enterprise. I have published in education, cultural studies, music and performance. My PhD focussed on academic identity construction.

I have been a member on various boards including as Chair of the board of East Street Arts for 3 years.

Coaching and Leadership

Leadership Coaching Rebekka Kill

I  specialise  in  executive coaching, MBA coaching  and  leadership development.

(Henley Professional Certificate in Coaching) 

My  approach  is  developmental,  creative  and  non  judgemental.

I also offer a range of creative and challenging team building workshops suitable for senior teams.

Positive psychology and resilience


Develop practical skills to manage stress, improve wellbeing and maximise your effectiveness and performance while remaining healthy and positive.

Positive Psychology and resilience can be delivered as coaching, or as workshops focussed on team development. We will explore issues such as: Communication, Change Management, Positivity in Relationships, Influence and Assertiveness.



My two coaching programmes:  

Women in Leadership and Diversity and Inclusion


  • Personal leadership style, networking and influencing
  • Strengths and leading authentically
  • Unconscious bias
  • Inclusive leadership in practice

Innovation and Big Ideas


This is all about innovation, change and generating new, big ideas individually, or as a team. 

Perhaps you are developing a new strategic plan, reframing or reshaping your business offer or developing a complex new project -  or maybe you’re planning major change  in  your  organisation?

Design thinking, design sprints, creative methodologies and ideation strategies can help you form, iterate, prototype and articulate your new ideas.


Rebekka Kill Coaching Executive

My Approach

Whether coaching individuals or teams, or working with organisations, I use a values driven approach. Exploring your values, aspirations and big ideas is at the foundation of the way we will successfully and authentically work together. 

I love my job!  Building trust, supporting learning, developing risk appetite while helping people acquire knowledge and skills is the best job in the world. 

My approach is positive, critically, analytically and intellectually informed but also entirely non judgemental.  


Who have I worked with?

Since the mid 90s I’ve taught, supervised, coached and worked with in excess of 25 thousand people. This work has been at all levels from beginners, in the community, changing their lives and exploring something new, to post graduates, executives and board members exploring big ideas and significant change. 

I have also had significant international experience both as an educational consultant and delivering conference papers and workshops.




Kill, R (2019) That thing called theory - a cautionary tale of curricular contradictions and PhD paradox, in Teaching Artistic Research,  Angewandte: Book Series of the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Kill, R. (2019) “Hey boy, hey girl, superstar DJ, here we go… “:exploring the experience of female and non binary DJs in the UK music scene, in Gender in Music Production , Routledge.

Kill, R. (2018) “Art at The Music Festival: Blueprints and the Chronotope” July 2018 issue (volume 42, issue 3) of the Journal of Communication Inquiry. The special section is titled "1968 Movements and Activism."

Kill, R. (2017) Dance To The Music: art, publics, hybrids. Future Now publication, Aesthetica.

Kill, R (2015) in Freeman, J (2015) Remaking Memory: Autoethnography, Memoir and the Ethics of Self, pp37- 54, (Libri Publishing, Oxfordshire)

Kill, R (2015) The artist at the music festival: art, performance and hybridity  in McKay, G. (2015) ed. The Pop Festival: History, Music, Media, Culture, pp75-86, (Bloomsbury, London)

Kill, R and O’Rourke, K eds. (2011) Inspiring Enterprise. Leeds Met Press.

Conferences  and  Workshops

Kill, R (2019) Novel apprehensions and hybrid utterances: Practice, research, language, University of Visual and Performing Arts, Columbo, Sri Lanka. 

Kill, R (2017) Facebook is like Disco and Twitter is like Punk, at the 3rd Creative Forum “ctrl – Culture – Technology –Real Life” Tallinn, Estonia.

Kill, R (2017) Art at The Music Festival: blueprints and the chronotope, Summer of Love Conference , Center for Civic Engagement, Northwestern University, San Francisco

Kill, R (2015) Practice, Research, Language, University of Hull staff development keynote

Kill, R & O’Grady, A (2011) Environments for Encounter and the Processes of Organising for Interactivity and Performative Participation Within the Festival Space, The 2nd Workshop on Imagining Business, Segovia, Spain



“Rebekka will support people to find their personal leadership style through creative thinking , curious questions and a good balance of support and challenge”

Nigel Redman, Professional Coach, Coach Developer and Mentor, British Swimming.

“Rebekka is a highly focussed and creative individual whose wisdom is always worth sharing.”

Professor Sally Brown, Consultant and Visiting Professor

”Rebekka is a joy to work with, progressive, challenging with no regard for the status quo”

Mat Lazenby, Creative Director

”I had the privilege of working with Rebekka to develop my management skills over the course of 3 years. Her approach enabled me to get the best from my team by helping me align their work responsibilities with their personal values in a busy, professional environment”

Justin McKeown, Associate Professor and Cyber Security Expert



Discovery Session

I offer a complimentary 30 minute coaching consultation to assess your needs.


I work as an executive coach, an educational consultant and as academic. 

I'm available on an hourly, daily or (for design sprints etc.) weekly basis.


Contact Me


Dr Rebekka Kill Consulting

Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

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